Chicago, IL – Many exciting announcements have been made at ASCO this year, with our favorite picks highlighted here.

One of the most interesting discussions we had was with the Tempus team. We decided to visit their booth following a comment from the head of an NCI center that Tempus would soon “take them out of business,” and that specialty clinical NGS service providers should be on the lookout.

As background, Tempus was started by Eric Lefkofsky, former Groupon CEO and co-founder just 18 months ago*. With serious financial backing, the company has grown to more than 100 people, with a team composed primarily of bioinformaticians. According to ASCO attendees close to the company, Tempus was born out of a mission to improve cancer care, rather than any financial incentive.

Here are some key facts about Tempus’ current position and offerings:

  • Key partners include Duke Health, University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern Medicine, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Rush, and Seidman Cancer Center
  • Tempus’ multiomic molecular profiling offerings include the following tests: tumor/normal match (or tumor only) sequencing, WES (150x coverage), Targeted DNA panel (1,714 genes**, 400x coverage), Whole transcriptome (50M reads), as well as H&E and IHC (including PD-1 and PD-L1)
  • T835 PU of Samsung Sleep Bookstyle for 10 Closure Function Color Ultra Inch Case Auto With LMFULM SM Graffiti Leather Pattern Cover 5 Magnetic Thin 4 Leather S4 Wake Folding Tab T830 T837 Galaxy an Strong analytical capabilities, including core analytics, cloud storage and clinical analytics (e.g., identification of trends in outcomes based on tumor molecular profiles)
  • Biological modeling (e.g., patient-derived xenograft)
  • Annotation of EMR data; the company claims it can turn “complex and unstructured clinical data into formatted, usable data”; which others in the industry have told us is the primary challenge in creating usable clinical-phenotypic-molecular databases
  • Tempus enables the comparison of patients against other patients with similar profiles, as well as a host of potentially useful information (e.g., clinical trials, relevant PubMed articles)
  • The company emphasizes patient-access to financial assistance plans; the company is committed to providing access to its platform to patients in a way that is both easy and affordable


As detailed on their ASCO hand-outs, Tempus’ services have enabled them to “power partnerships with top cancer centers nationwide.” The company works with 50 NCIs as well as other community hospitals to support data analysis.

Our own analysis and discussions with ASCO attendees led us to the following observations:

We look forward to tracking Tempus’ potential success in the marketplace in the coming months and years.

The interactive Tableau dashboard below highlights the Twitter activity for Foundation Medicine, Caris Life Sciences and Tempus during the conference.


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* Eric Lefkofsky remains actively involved with Groupon, as Chairman

** Including all clinically relevant genes and a wide array of potentially relevant genes; of note, the company also offer a smaller panel of 595 genes

Author: Stephane Budel, Partner at DeciBio Consulting, LLC
Co-Author: Andrew Aijian, Project Leader at DeciBio Consulting, LLC
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Co-Author: Mika Wang, Director of Operations at DeciBio Consulting, LLC
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